Thursday, January 22, 2009

@ the library

@ the library, originally uploaded by ujima.

Out walking. Stopped into the library to get Steve Lopez's book. Our local One Book discussion will be on Feb. 11th. There was a long waiting list for the book and also for Basquiat: A Quick Killing in Art by Phoebe Hoban. She'll be @ the Central Library on the 28th. At home, I ordered both books on Amazon. Less waiting.

The movie that is being made from the Lopez book is being filmed in Philadelphia. There have been Jamie Foxx sightings in restaurants, bars and gyms. They're filming in City Hall Courtyard at present.

I'm anxious to read Lopez's book. He was a columnist for the Philadelphia Inquirer for many years and was always one of my favorites.

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ujima said...

OOPS!The film of The Soloist is already in the can. Jamie Foxx is here filming another feature.