Saturday, May 02, 2009

Stands out in a crowd

Stands out in a crowd, originally uploaded by ujima.

May 2nd Elijah J. McCoy was born on this date in 1843. He was an African-American inventor and his work may have been the beginning of the phrase the "real McCoy." McCoy received a patent for his lubricating device in 1872. The lubricating cup was essential to industries throughout the world, and those in possession of the valuable cup were said to have "the real McCoy." Elijah McCoy also obtained patents for an automatic sprinkler and an ironing table, eventually acquiring 58 patents in his lifetime.

The shirt was designed by Pharrell Williams for Runway for Change. Got it from for $5 where Obama stuff is on sale!

Going out tonight to see Pacquiao/Hatten fight on PPV. Hope they're showing it @ the Clubhouse. If not, we'll go somewhere else.

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