Sunday, April 08, 2007

Easter 1948

Easter 1948, originally uploaded by ujima.

Mom always made our Sunday dreses and hats. The oldest wore
her dress for one season. The second oldest wore her dress for one
season and then the older sister's dress for one season. I, being
#3 had to wear mine, the second's and then the oldest's. *Three*
seasons wearing that same pattern. After I finished with a dress,
having climbed fences and ran and jumped all over the place, the
dresses were too messy to pass down to the youngest so she
wore the pattern for only one season.

I notice that my two older sister s are wearing dark shoes and that
Sis and I are wearing white. Wonder at what age we got to wear dark
shoes? Luckily we didn't have shoes passed down. We're wearing dark
hats and they're wearing light. That Mom was some designer.

Mom and Sis aren't home from Baltimore yet so it's still vacation time.
Not a turn in AC, Vegas or Nassau, but very satisfying to me.
No responsibility. People called to invite me again to their
family's dinner, but I declined with thanks. They don't accept
believe my need for a rest.

I'll call Argento's afterwhile and order a hoagie to be delivered.
Ham. It *is* Easter after all.

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