Monday, April 23, 2007

Huey Earth Day

Huey Earth Day, originally uploaded by ujima.

A former colleague emailed me this "Remember this?" picture.
At school, on Earth Day, we'd have all 1000 kids out to clean up
around the neighborhood: in the streets, park and on sidewalks.
We'd sell penny things that children had donated, have games
and races and lots of good food. The logo on green t-shirts were made
by a kid in my class. We donated the money raised to Phila Green.
I'm wearing an Earth Day hat made from an old styro lunch tray.
Good times.

Today 80ยบ again and sunny. I walked out for errands and then
worked out with the trainer at the gym. I'm trying to get Mom to
agree to work with her. We live in hope.

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