Thursday, April 05, 2007

Going Home

ridge2home, originally uploaded by ujima.

Today was a 55 and over day except for the weather which was
44º with high winds and some light flurries. Bundled up and went
out to teach computer class at library (median age 69 today).
Students wanted to send Passover and Easter greetings to kids
and grandkids so I scratched what I had planned to do today.
Diane was so tickled about being able to send a message in
French (using to her sister who speaks
French and would never think Diane had any facility in it :)

Out on bus to Exhale Beauty Salon where the median age was
very high because two women in their 80s were brought there
by their daughters to get an Easter 'do. No one topic discussed
but lots of laughs.

Picture shows where I had to walk down and then uphill to reach
home at the very end of this road. I was carrying a *heavy* shopping
bag with things purchased @ 7-11 and Family $ until a teenage
neighbor came from behind and took the bag and carried it
to my door and then upstairs. She's from the Phillipines,here
about 7 months with her mom who is working as a nurse @
Temple U. Hospital. I much appreciated her help and silently
regretted that my American teenage neighbors would have just
said hi and kept on walking.

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