Thursday, March 12, 2009

green grocer

green grocer, originally uploaded by ujima.

3.10 On this date in 1956, we recall the enactment of the “Southern Manifesto.” This was a legislative challenge to defeat the Supreme Court ruling in Brown v BOE in 1954.
Case number 102 Cong. Rec. 4515-16 1956 was signed by 19 Senators and 81 Representatives from the South including all of Georgia's congressional delegation.
White house response to the Southern Manifesto was demonstrated eighteen months later when President Eisenhower used federal troops to integrate schools in Little Rock, Arkansas.

Took some of my cloth bags today to hold my groceries. I have so many because I forget to take a bag when I go out and have to buy a new one each time. The blue ones are lined and keep food cold. Now I have to put all this stuff away.Tired but proud.

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