Monday, March 02, 2009

@noon 3.2 still snowing

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March3 Mark Dean was born this date in 1957. He is an African-American computer scientist. He has been with IBM since 1980.
Dr. Dean holds more than 20 US Patents, including three of IBM's original nine PC patents.

t snowed all night but didn't amount to much--maybe 4". Chiropractor called me, podiatrist called Mom to say their offices wouldn't open today for our (or any) appointments. Wasn't going out anyway.

It stopped snowing for about 2 hours but has begun again now. Called neighbor's kids but they're not going sledding or building a snowman. Probably playing video games :(
This driveway is *perfect* for sledding!! Wish I had a sled or one of those plastic things or some cardboard to can slide on. I'll find *someone* to go out, but sofar it's deserted around here.

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