Wednesday, February 11, 2009


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1977Clifford Alexander, Jr. became the first African American Secretary of the Army. Throughout his career--as an attorney, businessman and public servant--Alexander has worked to improve living and working conditions for minorities and women. He played a role in the passage of the 1964 Civil Rights Act and other civil rights legislation, and helped guide the Army's transition to an all-volunteer force.
Black History is American History.
2009 Elizabeth Alexander,hsi daughter, was the Obama Inaugural poet.

63º today. Ridiculous. Everyone will be sick soon because they're walking around with no coats or sweaters, many wearing shorts.

Went to podiatrist, delivered BeatnikBrown's particulars to Coyle's Café and then bussed to library. Only 5 for book discussion.It started off with the leader annoying me so I began to doodle until she calmed herself and adjusted to my personality (or I adjusted to hers:) The others were really nice people, one of whom was an ex computer student of mine from when I volunteered for 10 years @ the library instructing people 55+. I'm not interested in next month's book so I'll wait for the April selection.

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