Sunday, February 22, 2009


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2.22 Ishmael Reed was born on this date 1933. He is an African-American writer. Reed is total writer, creating in poems, novels, essays, articles and more.
As of 1995, Reed had published nine novels, five books of poems, and four collections of essays; he also had authored four plays, three television productions, and two librettos, and edited four anthologies. His publishing and editing enterprises have included Reed, Cannon and Johnson Publications, I. Reed Books, and the journals Yardbird Reader Y’Bird, Quilt, and Konch.

I once saw Ishmael Reed in a restaurant in Harlem. We were @ the 2003 Book Fair and decided to take a soul food break. On the way to the loo, I saw Ishmael coming and out and greeted him saying, "Wow it's so good to see you again!" He smiled widely and said, "It's so good to see you after so long."
Of course he had no idea who I was and was just being polite, but I liked his attitude. Don't remember why I stopped reading his work because I do remember enjoying it.
Also saw Kareem Abdul Jabar that day walking along the street toward the platform where he was to speak/read. I did remember to take a picture. Must look for it.

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