Monday, February 23, 2009

Kareem Abdul Jabar

Kareem Abdul Jabar, originally uploaded by ujima.

Elijah McCoy (1843 - 1929) invented an automatic lubricator for oiling steam engines in 1872. The term "the real McCoy" is believed to be a reference about the reliability of Elijah McCoy's invention.
McCoy was born in Canada. His African-American parents had fled from Kentucky to escape slavery. He showed an early talent for mechanical innovations, and in Ypsilanti, MI he devloped lubricators for steam engines (1870). In 1882 he moved to Detroit, where he perfected his lubricating cup, still widely used to provide a steady supply of oil to machinery. He opened the Elijah McCoy Manufacturing Co (1920) and patented an improved airbrake lubricator, one of the some 50 patents he obtained during his lifetime.
AfricanAmerican History is American History.

The wind chill factor was in the low teens today. The gusts fought me as I tried to walk uphill to the chiro office. I'm sure it was good exercise. Resistence.
Found the picture of Kareem I mentioned yesterday in talking about the Harlem Book Fair.

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