Thursday, February 26, 2009

The Great Divide

The Great Divide, originally uploaded by ujima.

drawing by Wilson McLean

US Patent 5301831 - Newspaper rack with improved one-at-a-time dispensing assembly
invented by the creator of, Woodi Holmes.
AfricanAmerican History is American History.

Philadelphia Newspapers LLC,parent company of our local newspapers, have filed for bankruptcy.It laid off 88 employees last year. Truck drivers and other union members agreed to give up or postpone a weekly raise to help the newspapers save money.
BUT, on the other side of the divide, the salary of the Publisher and CEO of Philadelphia Newspapers was raised TWICE in 2008 by more than $250,00 and three other excecutives were also given raises.
When these facts were made known in the daily papers, they decided to give back the raises.

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