Tuesday, February 24, 2009

You know about Edison but...

You know about Edison but..., originally uploaded by ujima.

Lewis Latimer 1848-1928
Inventor and engineer, born in Chelsea, Massachusetts. After serving in the US Navy during the Civil War, he studied drafting, eventually becoming chief draftsman for both General Electric and Westinghouse. He invented a ‘water closet for railroad cars’ (1873), and drafted the patent drawings for Alexander Graham Bell's first telephone. In 1881 he devised a method for making a carbon filament for a light bulb made by one of Thomas Edison's competitors, and then supervised that firm's installation of electric lights in New York City, Philadelphia, Montreal, and London. In 1884 he went to work for Edison's company.
AfricanAmerican History is American History.

Signs up around town advertizing the "Cezanne and Beyond" show which will be at the Philadelphia Art Museum from 27 February to 17 May. I'm going to see it tomorrow during a members' preview. Looking forward to eating from the Cezanne-inspired menu @ the restaurant .

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